Pencial2D Cant Find My Audio! Please Help!

So I just started using Pencial2D about 2 days ago and I’m trying to add audio. I recorded the audio on my phone and I GMailed it to my pc, but when I open Pencial2D and try and fin the file its not there.

@Doodeler Hi. Currently there seems to be an odd issue where you have to add the sound in a very specific way. Pleas try the following:

  1. Go to the topbar menu > layer > New Sound Layer OR Press CTRL + ALT + W OR Press the Layers plus (+) button on the left part of the timeline widget.
  2. A name box will be prompted, give the sound layer a name.
  3. Once a new sound layer has been added, press the Plus (+) button next to the Keys label OR Press F7 on your keyboard. This will create a new blank keyframe and immediately open a file explorer / folder browser
  4. Find the file you want to import. Select it. Press Open.
  5. You should see an elongated keyframe that represents the entire duration of the sound. You will not see a waveform; this is pending implementation.

Note: Right now the other formats are in preview. The only ones that work are WAV and MP3’s with open codecs like L.A.M.E

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