paste problem. It changes the feathering of lines to solid

Latest Pencil2D version used (Nightly build nov 2 2016)

Feathering of lines are changed as you copy / paste the same part over to the next frame.

To reproduce problem:
Paint an surface with feathering the lines on. Mine was set to 15 by default.
Feathering makes the outer lines transition more smooth as it reaches both sides of a line you draw.

Paint a surface with one color over to about 5 frames. (Tool:brush. Feathering on, set to 15)

Now select a part of frame 1 and paste that part to frame 2. Then copy again, the selection square is still at the same place, and paste to frame 3, continue to copy and paste in the next frame.

Now look from frame 1 to 5 and look what happened to the part you pasted.
The feathering goes away and becomes more and more solid.

Build version 0.5.4. (Beta). Did not have this problem…
At this moment i have to stick to 0.5.4. as this feathering problem is just to big for me, as I copy paste a lot between frames.

for information about paste / copy problem with version 0.5.4.:
Paste problem was different. If you do the above method of copy and paste, the bug is different. It would alter at the transition where the feathering would begin and create a hard colored line there. That line would become more and more visible.

version 0.5.4. : Somehow the program alters more than you paste… that should not happen at all… The program should only alter with whats inside the selection square and never alter anything outside the selection square.

@chihwahli I’m sorry but you are reporting bugs on a very old (and unsupported) version of Pencil2D.

In case you haven’t heard a few days ago we announced that there was a v0.6 release candidate version for everyone to use. Please try that and review if these bugs are still present. To download please organize the files by LAST MODIFIED. Make sure the name structure is:


As a last note, v0.5.4 is almost 6 years old, and during that time developers have been trying to stabilize and fix the software to enchance it. Nightly builds area testament of that path, so we suggest you try the latest version (September 23rd 2017)

We’ll be pending on your response once you’ve tested the latest version.

The “bug” i mentioned above still is in the latest nightly build (2017 September 23).

I wonder if this following behavior is intended as normal:
Copy feathered brush (82 wide) strokes, with feathering set to 57. Paint a stroke then copy and past a part of it at the same place. Result is that the feathering goes away and becomes a normal brush stroke without feathering.

I think this behavior is completely wrong… when you copy X and past X at the exact same spot, then nothing should change…

@chihwahli I can’t reproduce this. When you copy a feathered stroke and paste it at the exact same spot, then the pasted will become thicker, because its color is being multiplied with the pasted. This happens because the feather causes the brush to become transparent.

This is the expected behaviour, do you not get this?

@chihwahli I tried to replicate it in the new version, copy-paste in 5 frames. The feathering doesn’t go away on the fifth frame unless onion skin is on, which just multiplies with the background.
And for the second instance, if you copy-paste the same thing over the same frame, it will darken like @candyface mentioned. Try cut-paste instead if you’re working on the same frame. That way the feathering wont go away.