Parkour Animation Stuff!

Hey! Im Matt (a 12 year old) - I made a parkour animation and i hope you will give me some feedback-- good or bad (hopefully good)

Pencil Parkour - YouTube

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Welcome to the Forums, MattAng!

Unfortunately, I do not think you have sent the animation in your post… Hopefully it’s good!

oh… its on youtube Pencil Parkour - YouTube

@MattAng nice job :v:

FYI if you want to embed the video you can simply leave the youtube link on a new paragraph and the forum will take care of showing the actual video here.

I edited your first post to do that so you can check how it shows.

Thanks a lot Mr. Jose Moreno! :grinning: :grinning:

It’s actually not that bad. A lot of big animators got their start like this over on a DS program called FlipNote. Keep going and practicing- it takes a lot of practice and patience

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That is how I first started animating, with Flipnote Studio. I chose Pencil2D because it’s as close to the DS software I had found. Now it’s so much more !

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Thanks a lot! I hope i become an animator one day!

Nice! Thats pretty cool!