Paper and Pencil

My first attempt at making something with audio on paper. When I scanned it, the skin tone for some reason came out gray, but I imported the photos to Pencil, turned it into a video and matched it up with audio. Once I get a new bit for my stylus, I’ll probably use Pencil to re-color and ink this.

Also, this is my first time animating a chin rather than just a mouth, so it may look a bit janky

Also, I just noticed that we can now upload PCLX files; nice!
although, this file was a bit larger than website upload size


Looks good @velocireed.
One of the new features that are being reviewed by the team, is a colouring system, that is far better than the bucket fill. One part of this feature takes scanned drawings and trace them into bitmaps, where the paper gets transparent and the drawn line is preserved. You can even have blue, green and/or red lines to make highlights and shadows.
It will probably be released with version 0.6.5, but I won’t promise anything.

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That sounds very interesting; can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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