Palette file won't load

So, I recently finished an animation and saved it as a palette file and image sequence. I quit Pencil and returned a few minutes later and I import the palette file and it just doesn’t load. I don’t know why, everything was fine until I saved this animation. Does anyone know what the cause of this is or how to fix it?

@probulbasaur Hi Adrian. Sorry it took me so long to respond. This problem is indeed weird, however you should always save as a .pcl file if you want to have the palette available to tinker with. The legacy file type .PCL works as an editable text (XML) file. It creates an additional folder where raw, “unpositioned-on-canvas” images are stored, as well as the palette file.

If you want please upload the palette file to see if we can import it. Note that I’m talking about the color palette file. Is that correct? Because if you’re talking about anything else you should try to describe a bit more how your problem began.

Also please let us know if you’re using the latest Nightly build, because FYI exporting and importing color palettes is working on the latest development version.