Paint Bucket not Working

Im not sure if this is really a bug or if I did something wrong to mess up the paint bucket, but when I try to use the paint bucket, instead of actually painting on the bitmap layer, it paints the background. I am really confused by this. It actually changes the background color in the area that was painted. Example: I drew a human face, and then used the paint bucket to fill in the skin color. The color looked a little off, and when I tried to use the select tool to move the face, I found that the face area that was painted stayed where it was. It had left a silhouette of the face on the background. It was there for every frame and could not be undone using command Z, and it couldn’t be erased! The only way to get rid of it is to change the color to white and use the paint bucket on the silhouette. This problem makes making my animation pretty much impossible because It takes FOREVER to fill the color of just one frame, when it should only take a couple seconds. Does anyone know whats going on or how to fix it? I did all the line drawing with the paintbrush tool.

Yeah, it is suppose to happen. When you use the fill tool, you will put a colour to a layer under the layer you actually want to colour. You can put a vector layer under it to avoid this.

Oh! Thank you so much! I haven’t tried this yet, but It makes sense. I’ll post later when I make sure it works. I noticed there is no documentation on the paint bucket. There really should be.

But tbh, I don’t really doing doing something like this. I would like to do line art and colouring on seperate layers. Unless my line and the colour I want to use is the same colour. I’ll be doing something like this. ^^

It did work, but I have realized that the further down in the list a layer is, the further forward it is. Example, if you put a layer on the way bottom of the list, it becomes the front-most layer. This seems counter intuitive to me. It would make much more sense for the frontmost layer to be the one highest on the list don’t you think?