Paint bucket crashes

I realized I had unselected the camera layer, so I selected that, but that did nothing. There is no error message, but no color either.

@allthingsminecraft Take your time to check that the camera layer is properly framing the drawings at 100% this is what determines that your video will be seen exactly in the same way.

Basically Pencil2D has a giant paper sheet and you’re looking at it through the camera.

Check that your layers are turned on, you know by the black dot to the left of each layer.

It’s possible that you have to reposition your drawings to match the default zoom and position of your camera after it’s reset (which you invoke by pressing CTRL + H)

Note that if you reset the camera to the default since you’ve drawing a long time with the wrong camera zoom, it means that your drawing is in another part of the “paper” so you might need to move it because of that to be in the default center.

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