Overwrite colour mode?

I guess I can liken this to Paint.NET and it’s normal/overwrite modes when using brushes or the fill bucket, Pencil2D only has the normal mode when painting meaning if I were to choose a translucent colour, it doesn’t overwrite the colour already on the image but instead layers it. An overwrite mode would be very useful, because this can be very problematic…
I don’t know for what reason I didn’t undo, but on one of my animations I filled the background of the image in magenta and now can’t erase it all unless I manually go around every line and erase it by hand. If there was an overwrite mode(or overwrite was the default even) this would be solvable instantly, and it’s generally a really good tool to have.
Sorry if this is already I thing, I tried searching round the program for this option but coulden’t find it, so I’d like to recommend this.

@Prismaticette Hi. Thank you for your proposals. I understand. I’ll have you know It’s already been proposed that Pencil2D implements blending modes for layers and for tools. However at the moment it’s not possible to provide the community with an ETA due to the scarcity of developers in this project. It is not a priority but at the same time is something the current developers are aware of.

There is a new feature that is being work by a new developer that has a color to alpha (transparency) selector. Ideally if we could get that option to work on it’s own, it would be very desirable to fix problems like the one you described to avoid erasing manually in case of an accident.

The undo system is also being reworked extensively and it will be more helpful and robust than the one we currently have.

Let’s wait for the best, although if you know someone that can program in C++ and use Qt framework that would like to contribute through volunteering to this project, let them know Pencil2D exists. Thanks.

Ah I see, thanks for replying!
I would contribute but my programming knowledge is unfortunately currently very small. I’ll ask around though.