Outline and Fill Layers

Hi guys!

I’d like to suggest a kind of linked layers behavior.

How so? To have an Outline Layer where one can draw the outlines of his animation and then have a separate layer, that is linked to this one to paint the fills with the bucket.

If I wanted, I could disable the Outline layer and keep the fills.

I realize we can already paint the fills in a separate bitmap layer but we have to paint them with the brush instead of quickly painting them with the bucket tool.

So…I just stumbled upon something that sums up what i was basically trying to say.

It’s on The Vision for Pencil article, where it talks about Sub-Layers…

If you have two bitmap layers, you can use the bucket tool instead of brush. Draw lines on the top layer, and then with that layer still active, use the bucket to fill. It will magically put the fill on the layer below it. The one drawback i’ve seen with this so far is that the fills don’t have smooth edges. It seems to look fine, but if you hide or delete the line layer the fills all look pixelated, and of course there are gaps where the lines were. You can sort of improve that by hitting the fill multiple times, which slightly increases the size of the fill with each iteration. I’m not sure if that’s a bug or intentional behavior, but it has its uses.