Option to select across layers

I believe selecting frames across layers would be a marvelous addition. When spacing for pose extremes or edits, having two layers (say a face layer and head layer) requires double the work, and double the clicks. I think it would be great to have maybe a checkbox or tool that enables you to select frames across multiple layers. With this, spacing one’s animation could be twice as easy. Also, layers that are locked would not be able to have their frames selected.

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This sounds like a good idea. I’d like to see what the devs think of it.

I agree there are some situations where this would be useful. However it could also cause problems in other situations. In particular, if you have keys from different types of layers selected simultaneously, I could see that causing problems in some places where operations are only allowed with some layer types, or are handled differently depending on which layer type is selected. So this would require some careful consideration. It could also be confusing to have keys selected in a layer other than the current layer.

With the way key selection is currently handled, I don’t think it would be an easy change. Just skimming the code, I already see some places where it assumes that selected frames are part of the current layer. It would be nice if it was implemented (assuming it was done well), but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

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Multi layer keyframe editing on the timeline is on my bucket list but yeah as Scribblemaniac mentions, a lot of our code has assumptions about which layer is currently selected and our current timeline logic is also a mess. I’m not so sure that this is something we want to do with the current timeline implementation.

Don’t count on it happening it anytime soon but you never know… :slight_smile:

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