Option for disabling adding frames automatically when importing images

Hi guys, been a while since i was here last time. Anyways, I want you guys to add a small feature in to Pencil2D. Whenever you imported an image, the software creates a new frame for you. I think there should be an option to disable this. Let me guys what you guys think.

@Bignoob Hey. Can you test this development version of Pencil2D for windows? When I import an image on an existing frame it doesn’t create a new one.

If you are importing the image on an empty frame, it should only create a new frame if your timeline settings are enabled to do that i.e Edit > Preferences > Timeline > Create blank frame

After some testing, It seems however that this might be a bug since even with the appropriate setting (Keep drawing on previous frame) it’s still creating a new frame after importing over an empty frame. I’ll report that later, thanks!

I tested the version and it didn’t create a new frame. I even checked the Timeline under Drawing as well. I did have on Create blank frame and it didn’t create a frame. Isn’t this a bug?

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