Opening Saved animation shows no frames

I started working on an animation yesterday and had it saved
When I opened it today the boxes indicating the frames were there but my drawings were not

is there a thing in settings i need to fix?

Here are the screenshots, the first shows how none of my drawings are showing up in the program and the second shows that the data was saved

the other set i was working on:

@aven12 Hi, welcome to the Pencil2D community forum. What you describe is a common bug that this Pencil2D version has. Since it’s about 3 years old.

First of all, take the .data folder and make a backup somewhere else! There is a non-documented problem that has to do with memory management. Apparently if you have a lot of frames there can be times when your animation file and images will become corrupted. So not even the files are safe from that.

Now after making a backup of your images try to download the newest Nightly Build for MAC OS, which fixes lots of bugs, although it’s a bit unstable we can try if it reads your file okay.

To download it please go here:

NOTE: You DON’T have to uninstall the other version of Pencil2D, this is just for testing and to have an alternative to work if the current version you have doesn’t.

Now, if you want please zip and attach only the PCL file so I can take a look. I’ll have you know that PCL files are basically extended text files, so you can open them with a text editor, they usually have all the properties for each image. So i’ll check for that.

Now if everything fails, I’m afraid you’ll have to reimport the image sequence from your .data folder and re-position the images so the animation runs smoothly again.

For now this is about as much as I can help you with. Let me know if anything works, or not.

@beenicw Hello you posted an update on your profile about a problem similar to the one in this thread, next time try to post a forum thread. For now please follow the same steps I outline in my previous post in this thread, since it’s a similar problem as the one you speak of.

Thank you so much for the help, the newer version seems to be working a lot better (and isnt quitting unexpectedly thus far)

I’ll be sure to keep this thread updated if any other problems arise, thank you!