Opening pcxl crashes Pencil2D

Hey it’s me again. So the same crashing problem keeps happening every time I create a new file still, even the back-ups I intentionally made to avoid this problem don’t work. It happened to me today while working on something I put a few hours in and liked, so I decided to contact you again to ask for a link or download to that one November 2015 build you said you got my old drawing to work on.

@goody2shoos :frowning: Sorry to hear you’re having issues again! I already reported this problem along others, but who knows when they’ll take a look at it. I’ll be more than glad to link you up with this version here:

Bear in mind that there might be other bugs that are actually fixed in the newer versions like when you reorganize layers don’t drop them over the grey area or Pencil will crash. Hopefully you can work on your file a bit more now. Also please make a backup of your working files, like copy and save them in a different place, just in case. If your animation gets too long there is a risk that it will crash and wipe your files, so this is just a precaution. Also to further prevent any head aches try to work each cut on different files, so if you lose work on one, you wont lose it in the whole animation.

Anyway, if you need assistance with something else let us know. I pray that something good will happen soon, lol…

I think I figured out why it crashes! It stops working when the file only has two layers (ex. just bitmap and camera layers.) I tend to delete the vertex layer because I don’t use it, and make more layers later on when I need them. So I’m left with these un-openable new files because they only have two layers.

This issue has been fixed ever since the original post. If anyone is having issues with this please try using nightly builds which are always publicly available at

Here’s a direct link to the latest ones for each major system:

I’m closing this issue as solved.