Onion skins across all layers

Hello again, I’m having a great time with this app at the moment, and was wondering if you can onion skin through all the layers rather than just on the layer that is active. I have a character on one layer and a prop on another. I’d like to see the character in onion skin mode while I’m on the prop layer.

thanks again, and happy new year to you.

@butlaar Hi. Thank you for your message. At the time it is not possible, however it is planned to have onion skinning affect all layer.

Until the timeline is re-written however, it’s possible that this feature won’t be implemented just yet.

But for now in the upcoming version (ETA Pending) The light table mode will be coming back to ease this issue a bit, so you will be able to have relative transparency between layers similar to how a lightbox and thin animation paper works.

Happy new year 2020 :slight_smile:

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