Onion Skin Range?

Hello there^^
So I got a problem with the onion skin… I have some issues with the Range (I think it’s called :S). It shows me 8 pictures (Like the if I’m on the 6th layer I still see the first layer fadet) How can I change that? I looked up a lot of videos but they never show how to change it scince they already have it up to 2 or 3 pictures ):
Please help, I’m new to Pencil2d


Open up the preferences window (from the top menu) and then in the tools tab you can change the number of frames shown before and after the current frame with onion skinning enabled.

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@SmolLesbianBean Hi! as scribblemaniac said, to change the onion skin amount you have to go to the software preferences.

More specifically go to Edit > Preferences > Tools > Onion Skin


Ah thank you a lot :heart:

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