Onion skin not working on imported images

My onion skin is not working. It is turned on in the display, in the ‘view’ panel and it works on blank backgrounds, and I have the newest version of Pencil 2D. But when I import an image for the background it stops working. I’ve tried switching around the layers but still nothing. So it seems to be an issue with the imported image. Any suggestions on how to fix this?


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Onion skins only works and should work when you hide all layers under the layer you wish to activate on, in case you have a background behind that layer. If the current layer/drawing has a background, then you will have to remove it before importing the drawings in.

I have the same problem. I wish there is a way to fix this. :disappointed:

Actually, I do know two ways to combat this issue, here are the choices/options I would suggest:

  1. Make semi-transparent layers between the object level layers by generating a white color in the color palette at around 80 alpha and filling in that layer as a semi-transparent background, or a sheet of tracing paper layer if you will. For the layout backgrounds, sketch them in a drawing program like GIMP, set the opacity to around 33%, export them as transparent .PNG files and import them into Pencil2D.

  2. Make object level layers with the semi-transparent white backgrounds within them and draw over them with the pencil tool in black, eliminating the cumbersome semi-transparent white background layers between them. If you have to erase something, paint the colors black and 80 alpha white outside of the camera and background area. Use the eyedropper tool to extract the 80 alpha white color and “erase” the unwanted drawings with the pencil tool, then use the eyedropper tool again to extract the black color to resume drawing. Repeat as needed. The layout backrounds I’ve described in choice 1 are to be left alone because they are already semi-transparent as they need to be.

I hope one of these options work for you, but I would recommend choice 2 for efficiency reasons.

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More that I think about it, it’s probably best if you go for option 1. Yes, it is cumbersome, but it’s the best thing to do until there is bug fixing and updates to Pencil2D.

Try the newest nightly build. I’m pretty certain that it is fixed there.

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