Onion skin not showing

I just installed 6.5, and the Onion Skin isn’t showing up.

Could you possibly share a screenshot?

@Armand @Scriptkitty Go to Windows > Onion Skins This will enable the new panel for onion skins with all the existing features that people never managed to find before.

However once you enable this you will be subject to a problem where the timeline might get oushed out of bounds if your screen resolution is too narrow. That problem has been fixed in the latest development versions which we encourage you to try out every time you find an issue with the program, just to test if it’s fixed or not so you can report back to the developers.

Select your operating system of choice and make sure to download the latest modified version by following the convention: pencil2d-OperatingSystem-2020-10-07.zip

Just in case the current workaround when using the website version is to stack the least used panels as seen in the following video:

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