Onion screen wont work

hello there.

i have a bit of a problem… the onion skin doesn’t seem to work for some reason. i have tried it to a different pc and it seems to be functional. if there’s something i am missing pls tell me.

@catcry160 Hi, that is indeed strange. However it is very hard for us to help without knowing more details. If possible please outline:

  1. The steps you took to enable the onion skin which lead you to the problem
  2. Post a screenshot
  3. Let us know which version of Pencil2D you are using (go to menu HELP > ABOUT and copy the information)
  4. Les us know which Operating System you are using (i.e windows 7, mac osx lion, linux ubuntu 16.04, etc)

the version number is
i just simply pressed this image
but nothing happened
i am using window 7 ultimate

@catcry160 That button is not used to activate onion skin but to see either drawings or adjacent frames relative to the current frame you’re viewing. To activate onion skin you have to use the buttons on the “display panel” or press the hotkeys O (previous frame) and ALT + O (next frame)

Also once activated to modify the onion skin parameters you have to visit the preferences by going to EDIT > PREFERENCES > TOOLS > Onion Skin

oh ok… assuming the button that activates onion screen is kinda stupid of me. but i did what you said it doesn’t seem to work. it still doesn’t want to show any marks of the previous frame… and weirdly there something blocking some part of the canvas(you may call it something else idk)

@catcry160 Hey, would you mind taking a screenshot of the complete pencil2d interface so we can see how the layers and the rest of the buttons are setup right now?

Also by judging the color panel I’d say you’re using a nightly build. Have you tried using the stable version? Are you getting the same issues with the stable version.

Edit: Just in case, these are the buttons I was referring to:
Display Panel


well then…its the next day and i have tried to check on it again and the weird border is gone and i am totally that stupid for not looking that there an display under the color palette… maybe its easy to miss but its me…
everything is going smoothly now and there are no problems already
Sorry i might have wasted your time and thank you for the help…

@catcry160 You didn’t waste my time. We’re here to help as much as we can :slight_smile: If you ever need something else let us know and if it’s possible to fix, we’ll try it out. Have fun!

Ive got the same problem except that it doesn’t work at all, im on win 10 and i’ve definitely got a beefy enough pc

@Baron Hey. 3 things first:

  1. Are you using the latest version? If no, then go to http://pencil2d.org/download#nightlybuilds and grab the one from October 14th
  2. Did you check turning the display panel buttons on and off /or alternatively go to View > Onion Skin > Next / Previous
  3. Are you trying to onion skin a full picture or do you have a background? If yes, then this is the problem, currently Pencil2D shows the onion skin on the canvas, and if you have a BG it doesn’t show. So for now this is a bug, but you would have to onion skin with your BG or full canvas Image turned off.

i just got the program and im trying to get the onion skin on either the whole pic or just one layer, i did fiddle with the settings too

no wait nvm i do have a background

@Baron The quickest thing for me Is to show you a livestream of how to enable and for you to tell me if it doesn’t work like that then. If you’re up for it I’ll PM you the livestream link.

As far as I can tell everything works on the latest version. I have Windows 7 and so far no windows 10 user has reported a similar issue, so it’s probably a simple issue that we can fix.

Of course if we don’t manage to fix it I’ll have to escalate this to the developers to see what’s up and I’ll ask for some more info to make a report.

i managed to fix it by putting the background layer under the camera layer

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@Baron That’s nice! Actually I’m interested in that piece of info you just mentioned as it might help devs to fix it quicker :joy:

If you need anything else please create a new thread for your particular problems so we can keep track of it more easily. Or if you want to chat in real time visit our discord server at http://pencil2d.org/community