Onion layers and color

Hy, i’m thinking of enabling a “monolayerOnionskin” so that onion skin could bee on all or active layer.

In a second time i’ll try to make different colors for previous and next frames.

Hi @martin_luke

About the different colours for previous and next frames, @jose has already added such a new feature (in case you didn´t notice it yet). And it works nicely :slight_smile:

Good work!

I m not shure but I can’t get to choose different color for previous and next keyframes.
I ll check the git repo.
I m concentrating for the moment on a single/multi layer onion skin button.
It s not that complicated but I still some time to get things right and work my way through Qt. Getting familiar though!

thanks for the help !

Ok so multiple/single layerOnionSkin is good!

About the colors i do have a problem with them.

If you set both colors but change the display and show or hide 1onionSkin the color changes because the code doesn’t react the same with both or single onionSkin.

That’s why i would like to add two colour buttons and one could decide what colour previous or next onionskin should look like. Both blue or red or purple but enabling or disabling one onionskin shouldn’t change the colour of the remaining one.

Hope you understand.

edit : Merge asked for loop control and multi/single layer onionskin!

Ohhhh! I can see.
I didn´t noticed that before.
You are right, disabling one onion skin will make the other to get a different colour…

Well, it seems “easy” to fix it since the colours are already there and also the code.
This could be reported as a small bug, but since you are the one getting it, it is up to you if you like to report it on the Issues Panel.


I’ll take care of it.

Can’t stop me now! XD

It certainly is “easy”, but it’s all about on witch scale we talk. Or say easy doesn’t mean simple…