One Sky now rejects me from accessing Pencil2D Project

Hi, I have been volunteering to translate Pencil2D project to my native language. Recently I received a notification from OneSky saying new phase of development on Pencil2D has been started. However when I click on the link on my email to jump to Pencil2D’s project page on OneSky, I receive an error message to jump to OneSky, an error message appear on top claiming that I don’t have access to the project. Would someone check the security setting?

@yuueda Hi! It seems that as part of the coming release of version 0.6, the developers have migrated the translation databases to the “transifex” platform as explained in the following discussion:

This is the project URL for Transifex

It seems Transifex is a more modern platform for translating software projects. I have yet to register myself, but I believe it is an adequate choice to allow easier ways to synchronize all the languages. However the fact that you are asking about this means we need to communicate this change to the community very soon.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!