Old Pencil Interface Design


(Mikko) #1

Hi there :slight_smile: I’m Ayetach, I used to work closely with developers Oluseyi and others when initially reformulating Pencil code from Pascal’s original work. The hope we had (or at-least I did) was to construct a workflow of development alongside content creation to promote the software as new things were added or changed within Pencil, one such project was the ‘Solid State’ pilot project. I had recently been cleaning up lots of old archives and came across these design concepts that I thought you guys might enjoy. Pencil has certainly seen some changes since its undergone new management and who knows perhaps this will inspire you guys, either way enjoy what has been proposed in the past.

One of the initial improvements some of us were keen on making was unifying the toolset interface:

This concept illustrated an adjustable grayscale of the area outside of the camera’s view, this would be toggle-able so that animators would see the area of image capture when animating:

This was a conceptual (dark mode) with a completely refined toolset interface, tab-able projects/scenes & colour pallet system. This might have been among the more ambitious proposals for design changes but since we were brainstorming all kinds of things our vision had no limits in what we could put together:

A different conceptualisation more closely resembling the version we were working towards which altered the tool-set interface, a new projects window, audio tracing & timeline control interface (note the tooltip by the cursor modelled with a shortcut to tool functions and another for search functions using the spacebar):

(Oliver) #2

Thanks for sharing those concepts @Ayetach :slight_smile:

I am the UI guy and one of the developers in the current team and although I have only made a mockup for a new timeline and updated various icons, I have been thinking about doing a mockup for the entire interface, so I appreciate you sharing these for possible inspiration :wink:

(Mikko) #3

Always a pleasure, like I said its just old content from what we were putting together back in 2010-2011 so its been collecting some dust since. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with!

(Jose Moreno) #4

@Ayetach Thank you for the throwback! it’s always great to see more Pencil / Pencil2D historical archives that can potentially help how we perceive and improve the software. While Pencil2D has certainly undergone new “management” it is still the same open-source project we all grew to enjoy and always geared towards improving the application and the quality of life of our users.

We have a friendly dev environment so if you ever feel inclined to come and help you’d be welcome with open arms, no strings attached of course. Either way any contribution is a well received contribution in our eyes and to be honest we’ll gladly receive any kind of assistance people want to offer us.

Thanks again for taking the time to visit and don’t be a stranger we are mostly active on our current discord server (which has a bidirectional link to the IRC dev channel #pencil2d )and you can find links to other community hubs here http://pencil2d.org/community cheers! :tada: :blush: