Oh heeeeecccckkksss nawwww

Ok so I have been animating for 3-4 hours now- all that time has gone to waste. I have a 4GB RAM Lenovo laptop. Minimal specs. So black screen lags and crashes are very common on my system. But as I was animating, I began erasing, and all of a sudden my entire drawing became transparent (like an onion skin layer), and then I kept zooming in and out (because that’s usually what fixes visual glitches for me) but it didn’t work. Instead, the entire project became erased. I attempted to save just in case this was just a visual glitch- but nope. Bad idea. The thing crashed, my screen went black, and the program closed. I reopened it, and my 3-4 hours worth of work was lost. I have a deadline to meet :smiling_face_with_tear:


So sorry.

Hope you can fix this.

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you should’ve blocked your touchpad by disabling touchpad button on your lenovo laptop’s keyboard and then pressed ctrl z. My mouse keeps moving by itself. And also I think your mouse kept clicking the new frame button again and again. that is my logic. Hope your line is no longer dead. you get it? because you said you have a DEADline to meet? haha? uh… yes.

@Jordan_River_Studios Sorry to hear about this. It’s important to save regularly and make backup copies of files regardless of software. It’s professional suicide to always save on the same file since there is no program that can be stable all the time, and it gets worse when the computer specs are at a minimum.

If you are working on a very big file, it’s better that you separate your project in smaller files (less frames, less layers) and then stitch the results in a video editor to avoid having your memory filled to the brim since this can lead to general crashes or even a BSoD on Windows.

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gotta save all the time and if you make a mistake or the thing glitches out that bad you just close pencil2d without saving so you know your previous save is still ok… Also am old habit of mine is to use “save as” and add a number or some descriptive words so you have various projects for one film… Just means even if you accidentally save over your project there is always a back up that is not starting again from scratch. Good habit to use save as a lot when using buggy software… I did something similar recently it was not as much work but was still very frustrating. Just be careful to save a lot but never save if it all goes haywire as you are saving over your good project file…

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