Not able to delete a new Camera Layer

When adding a New Camera Layer, it is not possible to delete it. Bitmap, Vector and Sound Layers can be deleted.

Issue #425 in GitHub (Not able to delete new camera layer)

Please follow the video

Adding a new camera layer (last build from GitHub 22Fev2016) brings the following known issues:
1- Makes everything darker on the canvas when drawing the first strokes
2- Cannot be deleted using the delete functionality

I think they added this so people wouldn’t get confused about having to select the camera layer or not. However I was thinking that if in the future we would like to have “multiple” animated cameras for a complex scene we might requrie multiple camera layers, so it’s natural to be able to delete it, regardless.

When I first post this issue here I was not aware of the other issue that I found out only today while checking Pencil2D.

The thing that everything became darker, and therefore no colour can be added to the canvas without it being greyed out, is worst than having a camera layer that cannot be deleted

After some deliberation this has been resolved in the following manner:

  • Apart from the first camera layer, you can create and delete additional camera layers without raising a warning
  • You can’t delete a camera layer when there’s only one because Pencil2D requires the camera to exist in order to allow the animation to be exported. If you try to delete it, Pencil2d will prompt you a message that explains this.

Please try this solution using nightly builds which are always publicly available at

Here’s a direct link to the latest ones for each major system:

I’m closing this issue as solved.