No "Undo" after moving frames along timeline

Hello - great app! Just started using it a few days ago. Light weight without going overboard.

I’ve noticed that the Undo function doesn’t recognise alterations to the keyframe positions. If I slide some keys around to test alternate timings, I can’t go back.


@butlaar Hi, yes this is a limitation, however One of the core devs is working ona very robust UNDO /REDO system that will allow you to undo most things in the program including add / removing keyframes, sliding keyframes which are related to your comment, it also brings access to an action history window to visually go back and forth. I’ve tested it myself and it’s very good and we’re hoping it can be finalized sooner than later, but it’s a very complex feature so it will take some more time before it’s done.

@JoseMoreno Thanks for the information! Sounds like its all under control. Like the idea of the history stack too. Cheers

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