No Stereo sound in exported movie

G’day community of my favorite animation software! I have a problem… I’m not positive about if this is just my problem, or if it is a problem no one else noticed, but I’ll humbly bring it up here just in case… I’m using the Oct 7 nightly build of Pencil 2D for Windows (10). I’d like to make good use of Stereo sound every occasional animation I create (such as background music and panned clips). However (though it is not a huge problem), I noticed in the editor, it plays as Stereo (true to my original audio clips), but upon exporting to an MP4 movie, it changes to Mono sound. As I parenthetically stated above, it isn’t a big problem, and it may just be the nightly build’s problem. Recently, I’ve been noticing the songs I write have parts in them that, for some odd reason, cannot be heard in mono, and I’ve become a bit spoiled for stereo sound… Maybe there’s a way I can fix this (preferably not updating until 0.6.7), or if it is just another strange bug that the developers need to fix (no pressure)… Thank you developers for the work you do! I prefer this software any day and I appreciate you guys for it! Cheers, - Joey H.

@JoeyH Hi Joey. This is not a bug. While it may be obvious Pencil2D is only an animation editor, you are not meant to masterize sound in Pencil2D.

From a video and even a sound producer perspective you usually get input sounds as mono (single channel), and at the end of the pipeline after applying sound processing effects like equalization or noise reduction then you would double your channels for a stereo mix before exporting.

So in summary rather than using Pencil2D to get the final movie, consider using a video editor to finalize the movie instead so you can have proper audio channel support and apply sound panning there (e.g when you hear stuff from left to right or right to left); most video editors allow for such effects.

Sound in Pencil2D should only be meant to be used for lip sync and beat syncing (ost), then take the animation parts from Pencil2D and compose the video in a proper tool where you can have audio and video channels with special effects.

Lastly I’ll probably move this thead to the feature request category instead.

Ah, okay! That was my idea for a solution, replacing the audio after exporting… Thank you for the info!

The downmixing when exporting from Pencil2D is an intentional choice that was made for technical reasons. I do plan on changing that to stereo at some point, however some other big changes to the exporter have to be completed before I would move on to this, so it is likely something you will not see in the next stable release. As Jose suggested, the best way to do this right now is to re-add your audio afterwards with a video editor.