No shortcuts are working, Ubuntu 16.04

Pencil2D seems to have just the level of complexity I’ve been looking for. I have installed the current Nightly build through Ubuntu Software Center.

Everything seems to be working fine, except that no keyboard shortcut works. None. They all appear greyed out in the menus.

Also, pressing Alt brings up the menu bar at the top, but no letter is underlined, and no key strike opens any menu.

What can be the problem? Is it due to this being a Nightly build?
If so, where could I get a working version.

@drplausible Hi! thanks for letting us know Pencil2D Nightly Builds are kind of working on Linux, however this issue is not exactly unknown, most of the keyboard shortcuts don’t work on Pencil2D since previous versions except for the main tools and things like onion skin, however you can’t re-bind those for now, but as you say it is really weird to have them all greyed out, so it might be a bug.

I’ll gladly report this on the developer forum and link to this forum thread, so if you don’t mind can you let me know exactly which Nightly Build you are using? you can see that on the Pencil2D Help menu > then open the about dialog and you’ll see the date of the Nightly Build too. Please post it here as another response so developers can inspect this when possible.


Actually, the Help menu > About info in my Pencil2D does not mention either a version or a date. This is all it says:

Official site:
Developed by: Pascal Naidon, Patrick Corrieri, Matt Chang, Cirus
Thanks to: Qt Framework
Distributed under the GPL License.

I’m really sad to learn that «most of the keyboard shortcuts don’t work on Pencil2D since previous versions». I’m sort of a shortcut geek. I very rarely use the mouse for commands, as it allows me to work much faster than average users.

@drplausible Ah shucks. Hmm did you get an .rpm or .deb file? or how did you get the Nightly Build?

Regarding the shortcuts well, I too miss the possibility to re-bind shortcuts, however the project has an extremely limited amount of developers at any given time. And most of the time they are struggling to code the next critical bugfix. This is surely important however stability is top priority right now. I’m quite sure it will come for all of us, but we’ll have to be patient i’m afraid.

Either way i’ll report the lack of menu shortcuts on Pencil2D for Linux. Hopefully a caring soul will help us to debug this issue or at least confirm if it’s gone on the latest code update.

Sorry I can’t be of more assistance, but be sure that we will continue to strive to make the software better for users out there!

@drplausible Hey, I know this is an old thread and Im sure you moved on with Pencil2D. But just so you know we now have APPIMAGES for Linux distros. Which are easier to setup and you don’t need to build dependencies.

If you’d like to test them please visit and grab from the nightly build google drive one of the latest versions (I recommend September 22nd just in case, the november ones are getting fixed furiously, so they may glitch more often)

Take care.