No audio please help

The thing is that the audio cant be heard. I was animating and I added sound for the first time. It was working fine. Then I decided to continue later and I saved the file. The next time I opened the animation the sound layer has only one frame and nothing can be heard. I tried to delete the sound layer and add a new one with the same audio file but it didn’t work. i tried opening the animation again but that didn’t work either. The drawings are still fine it’s only the audio.

I’m using version 6.1.1 and the audio is an mp3 file
I would like to continue with the animation soon so I would really appreciate a reply

Hi Sofie

First I’d encourage you to update to our nightly build since we’re constantly improving, adding new features and fixing bugs. We also released v0.6.2 recently but that build unfortunately includes a copy/paste bug…

when that’s said, it sounds like your audio file has become corrupted somehow… Have you verified that it contains audio?

You mention that you tried re-adding the sound file but it didn’t work, you could please elaborate on that?

I second @CandyFace’s instructions. It is also possible that your audio is using an unsupported codec. If this is issue, you should be able to fix this by importing your sound into an audio editing application (I recommend the free program Audacity) and exporting the audio as .wav file.

@SnailLeader Hi. Please let us know if the answers that were previously left by Pencil2D’s developers have helped you.

  1. Try out changing the sound file format as described with the free audio editor “audacity” (
  2. Try importing the same file that you used in a “new” pencil2D file to see if it works.
  • If it does, then that means something has damaged your file on the animation file, and we’d urge you to send it to us for further review. (You can use dropbox, google drive, mega or whatever cloud storage service you trust, we’d just need a link to the project file)
  • If it doesn’t, then it means it’s the file itself, and the way it was made is not compatible with Pencil2D.
  1. Please follow this guide to prevent losing your work and also learn how to extract the file contents, what’s inside, to a separate folder, that way you can check if that particular sound file is working with your system sound player and help us validate if it has been actually corrupted.

It’s also important that you consider using a recent development build to get as many of the latest fixes as possible. To get a recent development build visit the following link: there’s always a trade-off when using the “nightly builds” as sometimes they are more stable than the current release, but sometimes they are far worse. In this case the most recent version from October 14th is really stable and the copy paste issue that was mentioned is also fixed.

Hi Sofie! I had that same problem but then I found a way to resolve it. Just follow these steps:

  1. Remove the audio file then save the animation as a .pclx file.

  2. Reopen pencil2d and the project.

  3. Reopen the specified audio file.

  4. Try to play the animation.

And it should work. If it works, then you’re welcome. If it doesn’t work, try to use another audio format like .ogg or .wav because .ogg worked for me.

@BvonGamez Hi. First of all thank you for sharing your experience with this issue. I’d like to point out that this is a very old issue (3 years) and in that time both Pencil2D and our understanding of similar problems have evolved.

If you or anyone else out there have any kind of sound issue we recommend above all to update to the latest Pencil2D version as the first step in the troubleshooting process (0.6.6 at the time of my comment)

That said your step by step instructions will help anyone that imported a sound in past versions but couldn’t listen to them, even when using the newer versions since the importing procedures and internal formats have changed since then.

Lastly, there’s a small chance that the user originally had an issue with their operating system, since we’ve had similar cases in the past where the user can be missing general audio codec packages or they have driver issues with their hardware.

In such cases we can only provide passing guidance since it’s not a problem with Pencil2D, but in general installing software that comes with general audio codecs (like the free video player VLC or the K-Lite codec package to fix a specific windows issue for older windows versions) and installing the latest sound driver version from the manufacturer of the motherboard sound chipsets or dedicated sound cards should do the trick.

Ok, I Understand. Thx!