Nightly Builds on Linux

I want to try the nightly builds after seeing a review of one on Youtube, but have no idea how to install/use them on Linux. Can anyone help?

@milestone83 Hello Kareem, if you’re using Linux, you’d have download the January 16th 2016 Nightly build here:

I don’t know which “distro” you have, but for example if you use a Debian based linux, like Ubuntu, then this version should work. To “install” it you have to unzip the content of the .ZIP package then go to the APP folder and execute the Pencil2D file.

IF you have a previous version of Pencil2D don’t uninstall it, just allow both to sit in your computer so you can compare the difference.

Notice however that this is a highly experimental build, so many other things are in the works. We have a newer Pencil2D Nightly build for Windows and MACOSX, but the person who has been compiling it for Linux hasn’t come in a while, so If you want to test those maybe try the WINE windows emulator.

I don’t have a linux box to test if this works, but as far as I know only few people have reported problems with the Nightly Builds in linux. Let us know if something happens, also have in mind that this forum is being tested right now, so it might close prematurely due to the hosting service. If you want more help visit our GITHUB:

Thank you for the help, but I’m getting this error:

./Pencil2D: symbol lookup error: ./Pencil2D: undefined symbol: _ZN6QDebug9putStringEPK5QCharm

Any fix?

@milestone83 I’m not a linux guy to be honest, and I’m not a developer either. @oinkystudio was compiling the linux version, maybe he can help you out, but I don’t know when he will visit us again.

For now I can only recommend trying to run the Nightly Builds with WINE emulator meanwhile we manage to get proper linux support for the new versions.

If there’s any other error please post it here so we can investigate. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for reading and taking the time to answer. I didn’t expect anyone to respond so fast.

@milestone83 I’ll be trying out Linux Mint in the following days. So when I have some free time I’ll try to reproduce your problem and see If I can come up with a solution to help you further. Sadly since we’re short on developers and volunteers It could take a while for any expert linux user to come and help us out. However be prepared because in the near future we will release a new version, we jsut don’t know when. Best of luck and If I find anything I’ll let you know. Cheers.