Newbie questions

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  1. How do I move the timeline left/right? Right now I am stuck on frames 11-127 and I have no idea how to change that
  2. I think there’s something wrong with the documentation. When I try to access it I end up on the documentation main page but there’s no links nor a search bar… It’s just “Welcome to the online manual for Pencil2D…” and the comments section starts directly below it

Thanks in advance

EDIT: I have figured out how to move the timeline using the slider bellow it (it was hidden behind my windows bar) but is there any shortcut or do I have to click and drag the slider every time?

@alankalane Hey, well yeah right now Pencil2D is lacking a “timeline magnification” functionality to allow for easier timeline control. I’ll add it to an ongoing feature request doc I have.

So far, you have actually two options 1) You have to move the horizontal bar below the layers as you discovered already. OR, with a three-button mouse, you can middle CLICK and DRAG the timeline. If you use a graphic tablet you can always map the middle click to a side-pen button. This should make it easier to drag.

Also if you require to extend the timeline (add more framaes; make the animation last longer) You have to go to Edit > Preferences > Timeline > Timeline Size in Frames.

Remember that the more frames you have, the heavier the file will be and the more RAM memory you will need. I strongly advice against using more than 1000 frames in Pencil2D until developer can secure a way to make the program even more stable with a high frame count.

Welp but what about the documentation?

Hello. I have been using 0.5.4 Beta Windows version of Pencil2D. I have tried to download and install the recent 64 bit Windows 0.5.x version. However, once I have extracted all the files and click on the .exe file, I get a warning saying this file may be dangerous to my computer and it has been deleted.

Has anyone else had this problem? If not, what can I do?

Must be your antivirus. What software do you have?

@renegade1 Hi please watch this video I made to understand how to install the latest versions, usually Windows OS blocks potentially malicious software and does not allow you to run it unless you unblock the ZIP file first before extracting it’s contents.

Also as Optymistyk says you should also take a look at your antivirus and create a rule for the Pencil2d.exe file not to become treated as a virus.


Thank you for the quick response Jose. I did what the video suggested and I get the same warning from my Norton antivirus. It is referring to a ws.reputation.1 issue. I did not have an issue with the Beta executable file unlike this one. Can you guarantee there is nothing malicious in this file? I hope not because my young son loves using this software and he now wants to go into the animation/illustration field.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Sry for late response I’ve been super busy lately.

There really can’t be any malware unless the devs put it there on purpose (and they probably didn’t).

The question is not whether or not a program can be a virus. Any .exe can be a virus. The question is whether or not you got that program from a trusted source (aka the Pencil2d website). If so then there’s no reason to be afraid, there’s no chance that the .exe contains malware.