New surface book pro

I just got a new surface book pro but I am unable to download pencil to it. Any help would be a great. I get an error message when I try installing it.


@epicaidan Hey. Version 0.5.4b does not work under Windows 10 since it is an old version. Please try to download a Nightly Build which has been reported to work on such OS.
You can download that here under the “Nightly Build” section. The link will take you to a google drive folder with several downloads. Organize it by modified date and download the lastest one.

Note: Nightly Builds are experimental release updates, so it is more than likely that you will come across a bug, to avoid losing your work please read the FAQ.

Enable auto-saving features and please save your files with the .PCL extension. To learn more please read the following entries:

Finally read this prevention guide on how to avoid certain kind of crashes:

One last note, you don’t need to install Pencil2D, it comes as kind of a portable version of itself, so you just have to unzip the contents of the download and execute the pencil.exe file.

Let us know if you can use the program with your Surface Pro. If you can’t I’ll link a guide for other animation software both free and commercial you might use. Cheers.