New release ?

when the new edition will can be downloaded?


You can download the nigthly builds.

I don’t think there has been a nightly build in the last few months. It seems development is still happening, according to activity on the irc channel, but no recent releases. I could make some guesses about why that is, but they would be only guesses.

The last nightly build for mac available (from chchwy’s dropbox) is from the 5th November 2013.

From the FUTURE! \o/

(sorry, but that had to be said)

:slight_smile: fixed !

New release is coming soon. It’s ok on Windows now, but I still fight against linux.

New release is coming soon.
That's great! :)

New versions were available previously regularly - so that I ceased to mention what function do not fully working - I thought that in the excitement of the new version will be trapped. Then regularly checked availability of the new relase - because I’ve seen work on Pencil2D on github.

Thank you for your work on great Pencil2D! :slight_smile:

I have started 2D animation online classes this month, and i am using Pencil2D for my homework. Maybe i’ll post the results here one day :slight_smile:
I don’t want to use cracked comercial apps that are very expencive for me at the moment… i can, but i don’t want. Thats why i can’t wait for new release with all the now features.

p.s. Big thanks to developers!