New Build from GitHub [29Jun2016]

[PencilMasterCode, win8.1x64bits, Nvidia graphic card]

Hi @chchwy

I finally got QT Creator to run Pencil2D
And I found that there is something wrong when opening (.pclx)files

Opening an animation that contains about 10 layers, and some of them are already coloured as a background, doesn’t open properly.
.All Layers are in the right position of the timeline
.Not all Layers shows its content even if we select it as “only-layer”.
.Most, if not nearly all, the frames are messed up. Some will show correctly, most don’t. And those coloured as a background doesn’t show, Even despite they are present on the Timeline, they do not show its content

A curious thing, as a note, is that when first opening the animation, it doesn’t show any Layer on the canvas, not even the camera boundaries. I have to “resize/up down” the Timeline 's window and than bummmpppp, some layers start to show…
Weird thing … I know :slight_smile:

Hey @kaiko,

Could you send me the pclx file?
It would be useful to find the problem.

Hi @chchwy

Sure!.. still I don’t know how to sent you the file using this forum.
Send me please an email in a private message. I will reply to that with the file.

By the way. I have just downloaded and tested the last MasterCode from Github today (I presume that it is always updated with the last changes/modifications done to Pencil2D’s code) and the weird behaviour is still there

The file is about 160mb