New bugs upgrading from NB Nov. 8 to NB Mar. 12

I decided it was time to upgrade the Nightly Build I was using again, but there was a few problems that I may need to switch back to avoid, unfortunately.

  • I am happy that the transforming tool can now snap to the selection to an axis again, but unlike how it was before, it now automatically anchors the center of the selection to my mouse position, rather than anchoring my relative mouse position (relative to the selection) to the mouse position, making it much more difficult to move short distances in one direction.
  • Using [move keyframe] (for me it’s Ctrl + ‘,’ or ‘.’) hotkeys don’t properly update the timeline, until I click on the timeline.
  • CRITICAL ONE*: Sound scrubbing a long audio clip is shot. (Doesn’t play half the time).
My build info

Nightly Build Mar 12 2023

commit: e9f72dcc468eb9887a8ed332be6d58ffbde473a4

date: 2023-03-11_23:52:07

Operating System: Windows 10 Version 2009

CPU Architecture: x86_64

Qt Version: 5.15.2

*By “Critical” I mean the primary reason I’m downgrading for now

EDIT: ALSO, the fixed onion skinning was great!

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Thank you for reporting these. I’ve already submitted fixes for the first two issues. They’re not in the nightly builds yet because they have yet to be reviewed, but in case you’d like to give it a try ahead of time, you can get a preview build here.

As for the sound scrubbing issue… I’ve tried scrubbing a longer audio file and did indeed see some problems, but that’s the case even in 0.6.6. Are you sure the issue you described is only present in the 8 March build and not the 8 November build?

If that is in fact the case it might be a platform-specific issue since I was so far only able test this on Linux and not on Windows. It wouldn’t be the first time the Windows audio backend has given us trouble. In this case could you describe the issue in more detail? What exactly does “half the time” mean? Is there any pattern to the playback issues? (i.e. happens more towards the start/end of the clip, happens when scrubbing particularly fast or slowly, happens every few seconds, something like that)


@J5lx Hello :wave: Coincidentally I presented a potentially related issue in the #bug-discussion channel over discord on january. It was meant for others to test them to see how I should report on github but after testing on the recent build (March 12th) It still happens.

In the following link I have a thorough description of the issue w/ video + timestamp descriptions of my step by step actions showing how the sound does not play completely after partially scrubbing it.

Additionally there was an issue when importing a longer video overlapping existing sounds where Pencil2D crashed. I can’t reproduce the crash easily in the recent build, but I can 100% reproduce the scrubbing issue, and In fact I just noticed that a longer sound overlapping a shorter sound will NOT scrub after the shorter sound has finished. while we all know we should overlap sounds on top of each other, this behavior might also help understand which sound has priority at what point in time on a testing environment.

I hope the documentation on the issue can help you find the root problem but take your time. Thank you for all the help as well :bowing_man:


Ah thanks, I missed that. I’ll take a closer look tomorrow.


Thanks for your dedicated help! Thanks for fixing the new bugs I encountered as well.

The bad news is… I can’t replicate the sound issue!!!

On that note, I think it must have been some sort of memory issue?

I upgraded to the build you sent me, and I see nothing wrong yet, so… Thanks for that.

IF I get this issue again, I’ll try to send a recording of it occurring. Thanks again!


FYI Joey, the fixes that Jacob mentioned earlier are now available in the latest nightly build.


Any changes since the preview he sent me earlier?

Or is that what you meant?

There are no new changes, was just letting you know that the changes had been merged. That’s all :slight_smile:

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Gotcha. Thanks.​​​​​​​

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