Need help with .data file.

I’m trying to help my 13-year-old son with a school project, so if I’m in the wrong place… sorry. He is using Pencil to create an animation, not sure what version. He has project file and .data file in same location, but when he opens the project, he only sees about half of the frames that he’s created. All the frames are in the .data file. He has gone to ‘preferences’ and set the number of frames visible for 1200, which is a lot more than he has and still all of them don’t show up. Any advice or links on where to look for help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hy were the frames created with pencil??

If you wish, as i understand, import frames to make a animation… Not sure pencil is the best soft for you (or your son.) :slight_smile:

Anyway could you please try to find out wich version of pencil2D or pencil and what OS and what is in the DATA file?. I would help but i need more information.


The program he is using is Pencil 4.4, Windows 7. He had created all the drawings (frames) in Pencil for the animation and had saved his project. There is a project file and a .data file with all the individual frames in it. However, when he tries to open the file again in Pencil, it only displays about half of the frames. As I mentioned before, he has reset his preferences to show more than enough frames, but it still won’t display them.

Thanks again for your help.

I Am sorry but i don’t know what could cause that. Does the time-line scroll correctly? I know you can reduce the size of the frames will that make some more appear?

All of the frames are in the data folder, but are they all listed in the .pcl (or .pencil) file? It’s plain text, so you can open it in notepad.

I seem to remember some people having problems with 0.4 versions of Pencil sometimes corrupting the file. I never experienced it myself, but as i understand it one way to try to avoid the issue was to “save as” a new file occasionally. I believe there was an issue with the way the file was being overwritten, or something.

If this is the problem, the only thing i can think to do is to manually add the image filenames to the pcl file, and unfortuantely it might mean having to guess on the topLeftX and topLeftY values.

Additionally it would be a good idea to use the 0.5 beta version, which has fixed some of the more annoying bugs.