Need help to do with frame

When I try to use the fill tool, it often fills way more than I need. I think this is due to the fact that I can draw outside the white frame that is given. Does anyone know how to turn this off and make it so that it is only possible for me to draw inside the given area and everything outside is deleted.


You can simply stop the colour leaking out, by using the line tool to draw a line just outside the desired drawing area.

Make sure there are no gaps in the shape, including the above line or lines.


It’s vital that when drawing in Pencil2D, that we can draw outside the animation window.

An example is drawing a background for a walk, where the character walks on the spot and the background moves!

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What might not be obvious is that in Pencil2D view of the world, the canvas extends an infinite distance out in all directions. It is not limited to the area that us displayed on your screen.


Fill_Shape.pclx (84.5 KB)

The reason that the text is drawn on a vector layer, is that I find this easier than drawing it on a bitmapped 1.

There’s Currently no text tool within Pencil2D.

If you require more explanation, why images need to extend outside the drawing window in Pencil2D, then play the video below.

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