Need Admins for DA page

I need Co-Founders (highest level of admin behind Founder) for the Deviant Art page of Pencil2D. While I currently have the Contributor (lowest level of admin) open to anyone who has a Pencil2D account now or in the near future. I’m only opening up the Co-founder position to anyone who had a Pencil2D account before the Facebook page was made. I decided this cause I want the Co-Founders to be legitimately interested in Pencil growing.

Hope SOMEONE is interested. I would love for someone to at least make sure I’m not doing anything { } from time to time.


Side Note: I believe we still need a twitter and tumbler section. And then WORLD DOMINATION or something like that.


(funny link :slight_smile: )

By the way, I would love to be part of your page, but I have plenty of other things to handle, so I would certainly fail doing it successfully.

But any way, how can I sent you videos in order for you to publish them in DA?


Just send me a link to it, and I will put it up on the weekly journals for the group.

If you have a deviant art name, tell me that too.


Not sure how to work with Google+ but I have just share all the videos that I upload to Google+ from the uses registered here (47), included animated GIF. Every video has its own name given by the author and also the author´s name.

Not sure if I did it correctly, but I have shared them just with your page on DA. Just tell me if that works.

My DA name is kaikogf

PS. The videos on Facebook_Pencil2D_page are the very same from Google+_Pencil2D_page.


sorry for the late reply

I don’t know if it worked either, but I may just link the page on the DA group.