NB Cant delete sound layer after adding and deleting a new sound layer

I added a new sound layer to the project. sound layer 2

Then i deleted sound layer 2 and then i cant delete the sound layer1. It is there, but the button to delete is greyed out.

@FraFraFrankenstone In general most audio issues that you might be experiencing due to using the old 0.6.6 version have been fixed or improved in the development builds.

Please download the most recent version here

And try to delete the sound layer and then reimport the sound you needed so the new sound import algorithm can activate.

That said, is this problem happening with the most recent Nightly Build? or with the regular download version?

@FraFraFrankenstone I have just tried to add and delete multiple sound layers one after the other and I could do it normally. So I may have to ask that you write the exact steps anyone can take to reproduce your issue 100% so we can test what’s happening.

I used June 5th nightly build under Windows, so it’s possible this might be an issue with Linux

I used the nightly build from 5-6-23

I cant reproduce it with NB 619. Seems to be fixed already. This could be closed.

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