Native Webp output

If possible, it would make Pencil 2D more important, because this is the new standard video for the web.

Ein Bildformat für das Web | WebP | Google Developers

From what I know, it has been on the works.

WebP is not a video format, it’s an image format. The video format corresponding to WebP is called WebM and has already been supported in Pencil2D for over five years.


Okay, thank you! So, this request can be closed.

What you’ve said is true and I think adding support for additional still image formats is not all that important. However the WebP specification does actually allow for animated images, similar to GIF or APNG. It is probably worth considering adding support for this particular use at some point. FFmpeg does have an encoder for it.


WebP is an FFmpeg format?

Yes, it seems. I have used FFmpeg for format conversions buts it is really cumbersome.

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