MyPaint Brush Library Module & Krita Animation

Hello everyone,

My apologies for not being too active with the forums, but work has been hectic. I’m sure some may have seen this, but i would like to ask Matt Chang @chchwy if this could prove useful for the developers. If any other dev reads this, please give us your opinion on the matter.

MyPaint project decided to split their brush engine module, so other projects could use it easily.

I don’t mind about having brushes in pencil2D, but the way the drawing tool behaves in MyPaint has no comparison, even Krita which i use daily, still feels a bit jerky compared to the flowing freedom that MyPaint gave me when i used it.

Krita too has great options regarding the brush tools, and they are even developing an animation module for it that was produced by a Google Summer of Code project done by Somsubhra Bairi.

Just thought you guys could check that out, in case the tool re-coding becomes an issue. And to be honest, doing hand drawn animation does require a lot of precision.

Yes, not only you, but also I will be happy to see MyPaint brushes in Pencil2D. It is always a goal in my mind.

But be honest, Pencil2D is not yet ready to integrate MyPaint brush now, I’m still working hard to build a clean code architecture. I believe it will happen, but not very soon.

This would be a very good news! I am sorry I couldn’t help much on this project for a long time. Hopefully, I will find some time soon.

For me a great brush tool would make this software amazing. There are not many bitmap animation software around and they are all very expensive.

Pencil would be a real option!

I come back to this topic as I think that the brush engine on the current build is not working well at all and is more than essential.

I may be wrong but I think that trying to fix the current one would require more work than implementing a existing one. (I have already tried to fix the paint bucket with no success)

Matt, how far are you from the re-factoring? Do you need some help on that? Have you made a branch? Can’t the libmypaint API be used on the existing code?

libmypaint source is here

The documentation is here