My Project uploads upside down sometimes

Anytime I reload a saved Pencil 2D file sometimes the project is shown upside down and I’m not sure how to reset it so that when I export a movie file it’s not shown upside down either.Please help!

@Livdartist01 Hi, welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear you’re having this issue. Unfortunately this seems like a classic problem our users have had before.

Pencil2D has a feature that allows you to work with the view mirrored horizontally or vertically, but this is only to check your drawing, it doesn’t affect the export.

It is quite likely that at some point when using the keyboard you involuntarily pressed the shortcut to mirror the view vertically (SHIFT + V), it has happened to all of us for sure, and after doing that you kept working all your animation while having the canvas mirrored, which is why exporting shows the video as “flipped”, basically you were working on a backwards canvas all the time.

There is currently no simple way to fix this other than individually flipping all the individual drawings before exporting.

At this point there are two disticnt ways to fix this:

  1. For every frame of your animation
  • Press CTRL + A to create a selection of the whole drawing.
  • Go to View > Selection > Flip Y
  1. Export your animation as a PNG image sequence
  • Import the sequence into Krita
    • File Menu > New > Custom Document > Width / Height Note: Input the same size from your Pencil2D camera into the Width & Height
    • File Menu> Import Animation Frames > Add Images ... > Timing Start at: 1
    • File Menu > Import Animation Frames > Timing Section > Start at: 1 / Step: 1
  • Image Menu > Mirror Image Vertically
  • File Menu > Render Animation > Export: Image Sequence > First Frame: 0 | Last Frame: The amount of drawings you imported | File Format: PNG Image
    • Select the Image Location
  • Export the image sequence and re-import it into Pencil2D then make your video.

So I have to already have the program Krita?

@Livdartist01 Hi. If you feel comfortable with other software that will allow you to flip all the keyframes vertically with ease, then you can use that of course. I was merely suggesting Krita because it is free to use.

Visit their website to learn more about it and download the appropriate version for your system

I’ve had it before as a substitute for photoshop at the time,it’s an ok application.

Hey, so I tried using photoshop to flip each image to the facing upward.It was a little tedious, but it worked out thanks!

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@Livdartist01 Ah I didn’t know you would be using Photoshop otherwise I would have suggested to use the batch action functionality.

In PS you can create a simple action (mirror an image vertically) and then apply it to a whole batch of images automatically. For future reference you can use this guide

Other than that, I’m glad you managed to fix it. To avoid having the same problem moving forward make sure to review Pencil2D’s display panel and if you find any of the double arrow icon buttons depressed, turn them off, that way you’ll know you’re using the correct orientation.

Yeah, and thanks will do in the future! :slight_smile:

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