My Lines are disappearing when I use vector layers

SO I just got Pencil 2d not to long and I perfer it alot over other free animation programs, But when I use the vector layer my lines will disappear after I take my pen off, I use a xp-pen artist 12

@DakotaLukenbill Hi. Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues. While the vector layer is a work in progress currently its development is also halted unfortunately.

From what you mentioned there are a few things that could be occuring:

  1. You’re using the Pencil tool. For vector layers the pencil tool behaves differently and you were meant to be able to create invisible lines to manage a lineless shading style. For lineart you should be using the Pen tool, at least in the vector layer.

  2. You are drawing with a color that has 0% alpha. this happens quite a bit when you involuntarily press the ALT key or when ALT+Tabbing to change between programs. The eyedropper gets stuck and you click on the canvas and then you start drawing. Since the vector layers also show the stroke PATH after being drawn, so you could be drawing the lines but they are invisible as well

To be honest providing support for such an issue can be very difficult without further visual materials. So if it’s possible for you can you record a quick video of how the liens are disappearing? You can use OBS which is free and then upload it to without an account and then link the video here.

Aside from this, and while it breaks my heart that Pencil2D is failing you, if we can’t solve your issue soon, it would be more appropriate for us to recommend you another software to try out so you can continue your work and find comfort in creating instead of experiencing frustration.

For now i’ll link this list on alternative animation apps:

And meanwhile i’ll recommend you to try out Wick Editor from that list, which is both beginner friendly and used via a web browser so it should be easy to setup and use to see if you like it or not.

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