My First Cartoon Test

@Manu, the animation is a LOT better within my eyes.

I really don´t think it is possible to merge layers.
I think @chchwy is focusing right now on development a better timeline. Pencil really needs it, and the merge feature may have been into the developers consideration.

But you can also post it as a request on the proper page of Pencil-development :slight_smile:

In relation to the colouring issue you mentioned above, please have a look into this thread:
…you may have your questions answered.

And thanks for posting your work!

Looking great!!

If you can do this well while you’re struggling with the software, you’re talented. Keep it up!

Just killing time a Saturday evening, I’m still amazed how fluent Pencil2D is to draw with. Looking forward to future updates.

:slight_smile: lookind cool! The brain is falling right on its place)) just add some frames.

No animation this time just a picture…

Angry Pig - made with Pencil2D just for fun. :slight_smile:

Short quick one for testing and playing around purposes done with Pencil2D


Double Post


Great job Manu.

beautiful colors!!!

My last still image with Pencil 2D, I need to get back to animating again now. :slight_smile:

[caption id="" align=“alignnone” width=“400”]

Captain Duck[/caption]

Here’s another result of my just-for-fun Friday Pencil2D practice.

Cool as always :slight_smile:

Another Friday Fun - Learning to walk with Pencil 2D :slight_smile:

In-betweens rules… if you have the patience of adding them :slight_smile:

Started to work on a lengthy animation. This time I have a story telling voice track that I will try to follow. This will be a huge challenge to me and I hope I can be able to pull it off. This is a tiny part from a scene in the story.

I have been waiting for this so long! :slight_smile:
Great! I’ll follow you!

Thanks sfepa, I feel very comfortable working with this software now.

It might not sound ideal the way I’m doing my work, I usually just sit in comfortably in my sofa with a laptop in my knee and my Wacom beside me, very relaxing even if it took me some time to get used to drawing with my hand so far away from my body. I also have my left hand free on the laptop keyboard to easily swap the tools. I’m so found of my keyboard shortcuts that I want to share them with you, so those who like could test it out.

The most used shortcuts I assigned to these keys:

1 - Previous Frame
2- Next Frame
Q - Move (Move selected objects)
E -Eraser
S- Brush Tool
D- Clear Frame
F- Fill
Z- Zoom Out
X- Zoom In
C- Color Picker
V- Make Selection (Select Tool)

I still Have A and W free for some useful tools but I want to keep it simple so far. I must say this is a huge time saver for me and it keeps the work flowing, I draw with one hand and the other controls the tools. Now I’m getting so used to them I almost never look at my left hand what it’s doing. :slight_smile:

Here’s a tiny sample of what’s going on.

Cool king!) I can’t decide will i color my thesis or not…