My drawings disappeared , but I was able to recover them

Hello, So I opened the pencil file , and it was taking a bit longer to open, so I clicked it again. After a while the file opened two times. I worked on one drawing for a bit, and then saved, than I realised I was working with the same file open two times and I closed one. When I check the previous drawings they had all disappeared , Including on the other layers , everything but a few drawings disappeared. The solution: So I right clicked on the file and clicked on Restore previous versions and I was able to select the save from yesterday and I was able to recover all the drawings. Just wanted to share in case others have same problem, not sure you can do this on all versions of windows. Thank you

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@Flipey262 Thank you for sharing your experience. This would work on Windows if you have enabled File History, or under macOS if you enables TimeMachine which are operating system specific apps that save versions of any specific file.

While most people don’t have this enabled by default, we do encourage anyone having difficulties with any software, or environment issues (like consistent blackouts, or electrical problems) to enable them or use similar apps like GIT or SVN or even dropbox or google drive to version the files yourselves.

Additionally, it’s important not to open the same file several times since this will cause the software to malfunction since every time an instance of the software is opened, it creates a temporary files folder to read the current project from there.

But opening 2 or more windows of the Pencil2D app while reading the same file. Will potentially destroy your work, as you found out.

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