My cat jump animation


This is my first animation since making flipnotes on the DS when I was young. Feel free to let me know what I need to work on.


Welcome to the community Adrenochrome!

This is pretty great, especially considering it is your first animation! Doesn’t seem like a first animation.

As for crit… well the side view of the cat’s face looks really wonky. You might need to practice drawing the side view of a cat’s face.

There are some glitches, like the knot in the tree in the start of the animation.

Your process also isn’t optimal. You seem to erase and redraw the background line as the cat pass over it. There is an obvious difference from what was there before like the thicker and more irregular line and having a different shape. One detail, a squiggle, also disappeared as the cat pass over it.

It seems that you might also be doing everything in one layer?

It seems that you don’t want the background to be seen through the cat. But instead of erasing and redrawing the background, you could have just masked the background. Taking for granted that you have the cat and the rest in separate layers (do so if you did have everything in one layer), you could add a layer between the two and paint in white (the background color) to hide/mask the background line that is behind the cat.

Still, a great first animation. Looking forward to your future works.

You also inspire me to get of my lazy ass and create/finish my animation so thank you.


pretty cool animation! The only thing, i can see, is the line with of the cat and the line of the background is moving.


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Thanks for the great feedback. I only had 2 layers - the background and the cat. In hindsight, I should have at least pasted the background from the previous frames instead of redrawing, better yet just paint the cat white.

Drawing the head at different angles was tough, I know the cat looks like he ate a bee after he lands. I consider that a drawing skill issue, lol. If only my cat would hold still I could reference him.

I think the basics of animation I learned when I was 12 have been sitting dormant in my brain for a while.

Good luck with your animations!

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