My ball doesn't have much bounce?

The other day, on the telly they were talking about perfect balls, I.e. no energy was lost when it bounced. In reality all balls that comes into contact with a surface loose energy.


Non_Bounce.pclx (20.7 KB)

I’m currently also having problems with the shape of my ball?

Hi @AnimatorElisa Please forgive me, but I’ve downloaded your pclx-file, and reworked it a little. Non_Bounce_david

I saw two main things, and you know about the first one, which is the shape of the ball. I’ve never worked with vectors, and I don’t intend to start now, so you must wait for someone else to explain that for you.

The other thing is the bounce, and roll to the right. I ask myself, “What makes the ball roll to the right?”. You must give your audience a valid reason to believe in your animation. There are laws of gravity and of action and reaction.

Keep on digging…

PS: I attach my pclx file, in case you want to see what I’ve done.

Non_Bounce_david.pclx (19.0 KB)

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David, the question was rhetoric one.

I’m currently away from home! I did the animation as a challenge between getting up and breakfast at the hostel I’m staying @, I’m now sitting in my daughters front room.


I know I haven’t got the transition from bounce to rolling correct yet. I need to think about what might happen.

At least I’ve removed the lines in one of the rolling frames that shouldn’t have been there. These were caused by not removing the selection mode correctly, after I’d added the rotation to the roll.

New ball, New bounce


David was quite right the bounce was wrong. I’ve also made the ball, more perfect, meaning more round.

Non_Bounce-2.pclx (25.3 KB)

The Vector graphic tools with Pencil2D are a WIP, this isn’t an instrument of torture, but a Work In Progress. This means that the tools are not in a stable state.

However they are usable, with care and I’ve used them in this project. The Pencil2D Team don’t recommend they are used in ‘Production Projects’!

It’s been a interesting project, to draw a smooth outline, such as the circular shape of a ball. I now have a much greater knowledge of how the curve tools operate and how to get good results from them.


If you enjoy a challenge, I recommend experimenting with the vector tools in Pencil2D.

Control point 1 on a line is treated slightly differently from the others.