My animation looks good, but when i export it the animation becomes delayed?

I worked on making sure my audio is synced to the animation, it looks good when i preview it, but then I export the animation and the syncing is ruined, the animation is delayed and i don’t know how to fix this! below is the link to my animations file in case my explanation was bad. any help is appreciated!

This is a common issue, but my only guess on how to fix it may be making sure the WAV file has a bit depth of 32-bit Float. Try that, otherwise, someone else (probably @JoseMoreno) can help you.

@helpme @JoeyH Hey guys. Unfortunately there’s a slight misunderstanding here.

We’ve previously identified that the editor preview is actually delayed and the video export provides the correct timing. So trying to match the sound via editor playback will give you an incorrect timing when exported.

I’m afraid that Pencil2D does not currently have a proper live preview system so in-editor playback is a bit of hit & miss. Basically, the more layers, frames and drawings you have, the less faithful the playback will be.

To fix this you have two choices:

  1. Open the exported video in a (free) video editor, un-sync / un-link the audio to the video track and nudge the audio a few frames back to match your animation.

  2. In Pencil2D move each audio track a few frames back and preview it by manually moving the timeline playhead indicator while using the audio scrubbing feature which does give an accurate per-frame representation of sound (optionally use period [.] and comma [,] keys to advance forward or backwards w/ audio scrubbing).

worked! tried the second option, and my animation is back on track! thank you very much for your help its great you know a lot about this tech stuff :+1:

@JoseMoreno helped me and i got my animation to sync up, thanks !

@helpme Glad it helped. Thank you for listening as well :pray:

We hope that in the future we can have a better way to preview the animation inside the editor. Let us know if you need anything else.

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