My Animation Corner


Here I am trying the next exercise about a character thinking. This was pretty hard to pull off, firstly because I didn’t know how a character looks like when thinking. So I had to use some reference smileys for it and just went along with it. Now that its completed it seems that I may have not used any of the principles of animation :frowning:


Very sorry for the delay. I didn’t see this post of yours at the time :frowning:

About using the principles of animation, I think that the way you are animating is like copying several images and pasting all of them in sequence and checking at the end to see “if” the idea really works :)…

First of all I believe a more satisfactory approach to the goals you have in mind would be to focus on learning more about Drawing in animation, and not learning about animating a drawing.
Look, I do not understand animation nor its principles so this is just my opinion.

About the exercise, the animation is smooth and simple and nice. What about if you keep all the animation intact and just animate the face shape accordingly to the animation principles?.. just squashing/stretching it a little bit when the eyes are moving?

Keep animating!

Agree with you. I haven’t been active in a while as I am busy preparing for my final exams this June. I have worked a bit on the drawing side, lets see what I can do in my next animation. Appreciate your comments.


Exams takes most of our time, I know that :slight_smile:

Meanwhile I was trying to make some rough animations but sadly fount out Pencil2D has some hidden bugs and I lost some of them when it suddlenly closed after freesing…

I was thinking to do it with Krita while it gets the update to the next stable (hopefully) version, but I will give it another try. Just doing simple stuff.
I am intending to have it done full coloured… but I guess that is asking tooo much :slight_smile:

Krita actually has released the animation version. Though I have some other plans regarding the use of krita for my projects, if I ever start one. Exams are over, so I’m just recuperating from the stress. Hope to work on something small now, will post if anything is done at all.


I am not sure if everybody here noticed that @Matt updated the link for a new Pencil2D build.

I downloaded it and I am doing the animation inside it. So far so good. It has some improvements and it is very intuitive.
I am just very excited about the idea of having MyPaint brushes’s engine to be implemented directly into Pencil2D (by @feeef). That, and the camera issues solved, would make Pencil2D an extremely appealing software for animation…

[the forum and the development of the software have suffered a substantial decrease of participation. I believe it was mainly because of the release of OpenToonz. But now a days things are getting back to “normal” and I myself came to a conclusion that Pencil is the way to go for its very friendly UserInterface and the way how the tools were implemented]