Multiple audio outputs problem

Unusual problem when I had two audio outputs- When I open a file and press “Play” it played the audio in the file, but after I pressed “Stop” and then tried to play it again, the audio did not work (it was silent). I assume this is because it switched audio outputs by itself, because the problem did not persist after I unplugged the second unused output.

I don’t know what else it could have been… Is this already a reported issue?

@JoeyH I think another user has reported a similar issue in the developer forum already. Unfortunately it seems to be difficult to fix and developers that have tested this have not been able to reproduce the problem. It appears to be a windows specific issue, but I think there’s just a whole slew of problems in the audio engine that cause these hiccups to appear.

Here’s also a list of sound related issues you can check in case you’re experiencing other similar problems.

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Oh okay- I should check those logged bugs next time. I’ll have to push through these minor annoyances for the time being; patience is a (sub)virtue!

Too bad windows is wonky sometimes…

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