Moving imported image

I have successfully imported an image into my canvas. However, I can’t just click and drag the image around as I feel I should. Do I have to do control+A every time I want to be able to move the image? If so, is there a way to only select one image. If I have multiple images on the canvas, obviously I don’t want to select them all but the way I’m seeing it is I have no choice. Someone please help.

Please use the Hand tool.

@acebotm You can put your images on separate layers if you want to move them individually. And you can move use the hand tool with the camera layer selected to move everything at once.

@acebotm Yes, pressing CTRL + A would select all the canvas content, but using the select tool would allow you to select specific portions of the canvas.

Unfortunately since the drawings are not objects, using the move tool will only work if they are under a selection in the bitmap layer.

When using a vector layer using the move tool will indeed select and move the vector strokes, but to grab multiple elements you have to still select the strokes you want to move.

I honestly would love to have a way to group elements, on canvas, but apparently that would only be possible with vector layers and not with bitmap. Even in Toonboom harmony, one of the industry standard animation apps, when using bitmap layers you have to actively use the cutter tool to create a selection and then use the arrow tool to move the drawings.

I’ll ask around to see if in the future it’s possible to consider having “floating” selections, so when you copy and paste over an empty selection, the element is not fixed to the canvas until you, the user, confirm the operation. But for now, you can only use the selection tool + the move tool. Try out using multiple layers for different elements. This is also a standard practice when organizing your animation scene even if you used TVPaint or Harmony Bitmap layers.