moving frames in the timeline


when i was using the pencil 0.4.4b i could move the frames in the timeline by just clicking and draging it, but in the new pencil 2D i can’t do that, i click and drag the frames and nothing happens. i tried with the latest build (jun 16 2014) but its the same. so my question is if that functionality was remove or just at the moment does not work in the new build?


confirmed here, on July 23 version.
I’m not sure if it’s intentional…can’t see the logic in just taking out that fuctionality. I assume it’s an in-progress change, maybe the code it had for the Qt4 version is buggy in Qt5, or something like that.

you are rigth, maybe is a little bug. well, i will be patiently waiting for the fix.

submitted bug to the Github,

I wouldn’t so much call this a “little bug”, it’s more of a deal breaker.
The ability to adjust timing and spacing (one of the 12 principles of animation) is essential for any animation package.

you are right freen